St. Joseph's Catholic Church



The Sacrament of Baptism begins our life of faith and welcomes us into God’s family, the Church, and so we wish to bring our children to this great gift soon after they are born. They are welcomed into God’s family through the pouring of water and gift of the Holy Spirit. This is the beginning of a loving and fruitful relationship, and we all spend the rest of our lives trying to live up to being a baptized Catholic. So, as we come to celebrate this gift it is important that parents take time to do some preparation so to understand better the commitment and responsibility they are taking on when they ask to have a child baptized.
St Joseph’s Parish offers preparation for parents as we receive baptism applications. Each programme is at 18.00 for about 1 hour. The time is subject to change according to the availability of the Catechists. The change will always be notified in the parish bulletin and on website. Parents are asked to attend one of these sessions. We have a dedicated team of leaders to help you in this preparation. Once the preparation is complete, we are happy to book a date with you for the baptism.