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Parish Groups

Union of Catholic Mothers

The parish of St Joseph’s has a foundation of the Union of Catholic Mother’s This was established in the winter of 1986 and still meets on the first Monday of the each month The membership is open to all ladies of any age .You may be married or single ,with or without children and feel that you would like to join a large number of ladies from every area of the country who wish to promote Catholic ideals in all aspects of life .The UCM has always been involved with current affairs particularly those that have impact on the family The National Committee ensures that members are kept informed about parliamentary activity and encourages members to exert pressure on matters that concern them. The UCM is part of the World Union of Catholic Women’s Organizations and as such is able to join with a large number of women to influence worldwide issues. At foundation level we at St Joseph’s support charities both abroad and locally. This year we raised money for a local charity supporting the homeless in St Neots. Prayer plays a large part in our foundations and one of our most important activities is the Yearly Pilgrimage to Walsingham. This began in 1946 as a Thank You to Our Lady for Peace and continues to the present day It takes place on the first Tuesday in July. (Covid permitting !)
We also try to attend the National Conference when the volunteers from all the foundations are elected to positions. On all these occasions mass is celebrated.
The monthly meeting begins with prayers and readings We follow the Church year with our activities and often invite people with interesting hobbies to come and speak to us.

The work of the UCM is vitally important in an increasingly secular world. So please consider if you could join us and help to carry the UCM forward. Thank You

Flower Arranging

It is the job of our flower arrangers to decorate the churches throughout the year, as well as on occasions such as Christmas, Easter, First Communions, Weddings, etc.  Their expertise is evident when we see how their efforts bring such beauty into our liturgy.  There is a small allowance available to cover costs.
If you are interested with helping with flower arranging,
please contact: (01480 472587).   


Church Cleaning (Society of St Martha)

A team of volunteers keep our churches brushed, polished and dusted, to enable it to always look its best! 
New volunteers are always needed and will be warmly welcomed.  Just turn up to give your name in the parish office or just dial (01480 472587).   

Gardening Volunteers

St Joseph’s has a group of Gardening Volunteers that meet regularly to keep the Church grounds and Presbytery Garden looking spick and span.  For further information please contact: (01480 472587).   

Rosary Prayer Group

Divine Mercy Prayer Group